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Live your life with less tension, strain and pain

and more lightness and ease


The Problem

We are usually so busy focussing on getting the things that we need to or want to do done, that we ignore ourselves in the process.  We especially fail to recognise when we are tensing unnecessarily and using more effort than is needed.

The resulting pain can stop us in our tracks or force us to do less.  Our whole focus then centres on tension and pain, and because we so often get more of what we focus on, it can be hard to break the cycle.


The Solution

Train your attention to bypass habits of tension and strain by learning to create a sense of lightness and ease whenever you choose.  That way, you can begin any activity with a sense of quiet, calmness rather than tension and stress.

Train your awareness to become sensitive to when you tense unnecessarily and start to use more effort than is needed so that you can once again create a sense of lightness and ease


The Result

  • Quieten your overactive mind and body
  • Rediscover your postural support
  • Improve your balance, coordination and ways of moving
  • Reduce pain and stress
  • Improve confidence

Mindfulness meets the Alexander Technique’

This approach is likely to suit you if you are interested in mindfulness and meditation


An Introduction

This short video provides a light hearted introduction to the Alexander Technique. It refers to the AMSAT, the American Society for the Alexander Technique. The UK equivalent is STAT The Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique.