I am now offering lessons online which means that you can still benefit from the Alexander Technique despite all the problems associated with COVID-19


Learn to move with a greater sense of freedom and ease

by relieving pain, tension and strain


The Problem – unconscious and unhelpful habits

We are usually so busy focussing on getting what we need to or want to do done, that we fail to pay attention to ourselves in the process. We especially fail to recognise tension and strain as it starts to creep. That is until the resulting pain stops us in our tracks or forces us to do less. Our whole focus then centres on tension and pain, and because we get more of what we focus on, it becomes hard to break the cycle.

The Solution – train your awareness and attention

Online Alexander Technique lessons offer a series of gentle, mindful activities that teach you to stay connected with all you do so that you can:

  • Recognise and bypass habits of tension and strain
  • Tap into a sense of freedom and ease that helps to restores your natural coordination
  • Become more sensitive to when tension and strain start to creep back in so that you can quickly tap into that sense of freedom and ease again

In essence, you will begin to develop the skill of ‘thinking in activity’ and use it to enjoy all you do with less tension and more ease

‘Mindfulness meets the Alexander Technique’

describes this approach well, it is likely to suit you if you are interested in mindfulness and mediation


An Introduction

This short video provides a light hearted introduction to the Alexander Technique. It refers to the AMSAT, the American Society for the Alexander Technique. The UK equivalent is STAT The Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique.