A Little Relief From the Stress of Christmas

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I posted this blog last Christmas and think it is so useful that I decided to repost it.

Three Magic Questions

Turkey not cooked, gravy turning into a lumpy mess, late for a party or guests late? Just a few of the things that might leave you feeling stressed over Christmas and New Year. Christmas is a time for magic so, what better time to get used to asking yourself three magic questions inspired by the Alexander Technique. The magic comes from their simplicity yet impressive ability to help relieve stress and panic. Practice them now and you will be able to fall back on them any time you are feeling stressed or panicky.

Am I balanced?

If your weight is off to one side when you are sitting, standing or laying on the sofa, you will feel out of balance. Simply noticing where you are unbalanced and then, thoughtfully and with the least amount of effort, bringing yourself back into balance will help you feel more stable and more in control.

Am I seeing?

Feeling stressed often leads to eyes glazing over and not really seeing anything at all. Bringing your attention to what is in front of you and around you will help to ground you in the present moment where you are able to make conscious choices about what you do next rather than just operating in panic mode.

Am I breathing?

Stress and especially panic can lead to momentarily holding your breath or fast, shallow breathing. Again, just notice this to start with and then, try focussing on your out-breath and see if you can allow your in-breath to take care of itself.

Asking yourself these three simple questions and responding with a sense of ease and thoughtfulness will go a long way to helping allay the stress and panic that is so often associated with Christmas leaving you free to enjoy yourself.


I hope that you have a lovely Christmas and that 2020 proves to be a wonderful year for you.

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