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Why I decided to write a blog

The idea for writing a blog came about after I decided to produce a document for my clients that would serve as a reminder of key aspects of the Alexander Technique.  Once I started writing the document I realised a blog is a better option because it is easier to add to and allows for comments.  

The challenge of writing about the Alexander Technique

To keep things simple, I only plan to cover one aspect of the technique per post.  This is somewhat challenging as in reality Alexander Technique is never a series of separate activities that occur in a predefined order, but something much more fluid that relies on responding to what comes up in each session.  Also, the language I use changes depending on what works best for the person I am seeing at the time.

How I hope you will benefit from my blog

If you have had lessons with me, I hope my blog will remind you of different aspects of the Alexander Technique and motivate you to keep using it in your everyday life.

 If you haven’t had lessons with me I hope it will help you understand more about the Technique and how I work and inspire you to try it out


If this post has sparked your curiosity and you are interested in finding out how the Alexander Technique can help you please email me at attbridgetbarr@gmail.com or call me on 07957 981240 get in touch using the contact icons

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