Who Benefits

Who Benefits from Alexander Technique Lessons

 The aim of Alexander Technique lesson is for you to be able to do all you do with less tension, effort or pain and more lightness and ease.

 During lessons, you will learn the skill of ‘Thinking in activity’ so that you can stay connected with all you do. What I mean by that is:

Paying attention to both what you are doing and yourself at the same time.

If you don’t, it is easy for tension to creep in and for you to use more effort than is needed all without you noticing. Persistent tension and excess effort often result in pain which can stop you doing the things you enjoy doing or need to do.


Here are some examples of how Alexander Technique lessons can benefit different groups of people:

Musicians –unconsciously tensing as you bring your instrument up to play, begin to play or when you come to a challenging part can, over time, lead to pain.  Seeking treatment for the pain may resolve it in the short term but learning to recognise when the tension starts and having a means of overriding, it will give you a longer-term solution.

Singers – unknowingly creating tension as you prepare to, or begin to sing, and when you come to a challenging part can affect the quality of your voice and leave you feeling tense.  Again, learning to recognise when tension starts to creep in creates the opportunity to bypass it and focus on a sense of ease instead.

Gardeners – rushing to get jobs done and using more effort than is needed is often the problem for gardeners.  Not recognising when tension starts to creep in, or in some cases, ignoring it is common.  Pain, preventing you from being able to do what you want or need to do, is often the price you pay.  The solution once again is to pay attention to both what you are doing and yourself at the same time so that you can reduce tension and excess effort before it becomes problematic.

Users of computers, tablets and mobile phones – not recognising times when you are straining your neck to look at the screen, gripping your mouse with more effort than needed or tensing your shoulders are all signs that you are focusing on the task to the detriment of yourself.  Again, being aware of yourself as you are working or playing is the solution so that you can catch any signs of tension before they cause pain.

Anyone unable to move as easily or freely as they would like to – this may be due to pain, lack of confidence due to previous falls or during recovery from an operation