Relieve Pain

Relieve Pain

The Alexander Technique will give you strategies to help you relieve your pain rather than being reliant on taking medication or paying someone else to treat you repeatedly.

At its worst pain can have a major impact on the choices you have in life:

  • Life becomes increasingly restricted as you have to limit or stop activities
  • Work becomes increasingly difficult possibly to the point where you have to take time off or stop altogether
  • You find yourself choosing a different lifestyle, work or hobbies even though that is not really what you want

What are you doing less of due to pain?

What are you doing more of due to pain?

Are these the things you want to be doing?


How you could benefit from the Alexander Technique if you are in pain:

Learn to move, stand and sit in ways that:

  • Put less strain on your muscles and joints
  • Uses the minimum tension and effort required
  • Are consistent with the way your body is designed to move


Research demonstrates that the Alexander Technique benefits back pain

The British Medical Journal published a major research study about the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique for relieving back pain which concluded that:

One to one lessons in the Alexander Technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain’.

More information about this can be found in the full BMJ article. I also wrote a blog summarising the results which you can read here


Research demonstrates that the Alexander Technique benefits neck pain

The research evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique for relieving neck pain is also good. Click here for a summary of the research study and here for a jargon free article published in ‘Talkback’ journal. I have also written a blog about seeing people with neck pain which you can read here


Alexander Technique lessons can be used in combination with medication and other therapies or as a standalone approach to dealing with pain.


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