Free Online Alexander Technique Classes This Week

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How exciting – lots of great, free Alexander Technique classes on a variety of topics are available this week.  All the information about times and topics are available here and you can go to as many classes as you like.  You need to register to take advantage, I certainly have and am looking forward to a daily dose of inspiration.


Here are just some examples of the sessions

  • The Science Behind the Alexander Technique: A Layman’s Perspective
  • Finding Ease at the Computer
  • Less Stress, More Ease!
  • Using AT Principles in Your Yoga and Pilates Classes
  • Breathe Easy: Alexander for Healthy Respiration


If you decide to take part, I would love to know what you think

If this post has sparked your curiosity and you are interested in finding out how the Alexander Technique can help you please email me at or call me on 07957 981240 get in touch using the contact icons

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