Is The Alexander Technique Really About Posture?

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Photo: B. Fertman


Bruce Fertman is a colleague whose work I love. He writes beautifully, capturing the subtleties of the Alexander Technique in a way that most teachers, including me, rarely do. He recently published an article on ‘The top ten myths about the Alexander Technique’ which, just as expected, is an excellent read. I am sharing Bruce’s thoughts here because they are so valuable, I have also added my thoughts about his thoughts! To comment on all ten at once would make a very long read so this is one of a series of blogs dedicated to ‘The Top Ten Myths about the Alexander Technique.’



Myth One – The Alexander Technique is about posture.

Reality (Words by Bruce Fertman)

The Alexander Technique is about un-posturing. The problem is that we are continually posturing, most often unconsciously. The Alexander Technique is about becoming an un-postured person, that is, unheld, unfixed, flexible, movable, not only physically, but as a person in general.


My thinking

I agree with Bruce wholeheartedly and think the words

‘unheld, unfixed, flexible and moveable’

are great descriptions of what I am aiming for both using the Technique myself and when teaching.


I am also aiming for

ease and flow within the body as a whole.


Question – So why do I use the word ‘posture’ in my marketing and discussions about the Technique?

Answer – Because it is the thing that my clients most often mention when they first contact me, and I see it as essential that we begin our work together using a common language. However, I couldn’t agree with Bruce more – reducing habitual patterns of holding and fixing to allow us to become more flexible and moveable is the basis of the Alexander Technique. It is that work that gives us a sense of ease and flow within our whole bodies. Who wouldn’t want more of that?


If you would like to read all ten myths you can find them here

Bruce is also an excellent photographer; the images within this blog are the same ones he used in the original article.

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