Reasons I Love Teaching the Alexander Technique

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This blog post is for those of you who read my blog and don’t use Facebook. I wanted to share a series of posts that I have been writing about the reasons I love teaching the Alexander Technique.

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Reasons I love teaching the Alexander Technique (Part 1) – I get the chance to use my intuition.

The Alexander Technique is not ‘manualised,’ i.e. there is no set procedure to follow in a set sequence, nor are there stipulations that if a client presents with problem A, treatment B is required. Yes, there are principles to get across and things that are useful to do with everyone but always in relation to the individual’s lifestyle.

Because I am not following set procedures, I have the chance to use my intuition. It allows me to really listen, to wait until my client has processed information, to know when to allow time to talk, and when more practical work would be useful. The opportunity to really be there with my clients, to not feel rushed and to do what is needed at the time is one I value immensely.


Reasons I love teaching the Alexander Technique (Part 2) – I benefit from teaching others.

When I am asking clients to ‘pause’, ‘find some quiet’, ‘notice their feet on the floor’, ‘think (only think)’ of growing into the space above them’ etc., etc. I am doing these things as well. In essence, the lessons I give my clients become lessons for me too. I wonder how many people gain so much benefit from the ‘job’ they do.


Reasons I love teaching the Alexander Technique (Part 3) – The strong research evidence for its effectiveness.

The Alexander Technique has good research evidence behind it especially for people with back and neck pain as well as Parkinson’s Disease. Like many complementary therapies, it is not so easy to get funding for large, good quality research, so it is great that these studies have been done and the results are there for all to see.

I have provided links to the evidence in the resources section on my website so you can check it out for yourself. Here is the link


Reasons I love teaching the Alexander Technique (Part 4) – The people I meet.

The people I meet when I teach have so many reasons for wanting to learn the Alexander Technique, such different backgrounds and life stories that it is a pleasure for me to get to know them and work with them.

As lessons progress, we begin to apply the principles of the technique to activities relevant to each individual. So, my days could involve working with my clients on any of the following:
• Playing musical instruments
• Gardening
• Working at a computer
• Walking
• Yoga Poses
• Gym exercises
• Painting/drawing
• Interview skills
• Housework

The variety is endless, leaving me smiling and with many interesting things to reflect on at the end of each day. It’s a great way to feel after a day ‘at work’.


Reasons I love teaching the Alexander Technique (Part 5) – The Alexander Technique is not something you ‘have done to you’ but something that you ‘learn.’

Once you have mastered the basic principles of the technique, you have strategies to help you deal with any situation. Research on using the Alexander Technique for people with neck pain demonstrates this well concluding that. ‘Alexander Technique lessons led to long term improvements in the way participants lived their daily lives and managed their neck pain.’

I am always pleased when clients ask me about how they can use the principles in different situations. Not only does this show that they understand the concept of the Alexander Technique, but it also allows us to work with situations that are important to them.


So, those are some of the reasons I love teaching the Alexander Technique, and I may add more over time. I hope that by sharing these reasons you will get an insight into my motivations for doing what I do.

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