Reducing Stress, Staying Active and Vanity: Reasons for my initial and continued interest in the Alexander Technique

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Reason One – Reducing Stress

Years ago, I can remember reading about the Alexander Technique and, in particular, the principle of pausing in order to make conscious choices.  At the time I was managing a busy admission ward for people with mental health problems.  I felt stressed pretty much all of the time and was looking for ways to feel better.  The idea that I might be able to choose how to respond in each moment, rather than out of habit, intrigued me and I enrolled in a class.  From there my interest in the Alexander Technique grew and is still growing today.


Reason Two – Staying Active

I hope there will never be a time in my life when I am unable to walk up places like Otley Chevin and Orrest Head in the Lake District.  They don’t have to be massive mountains, just hills with fabulous views.  Staying active is too important to leave to chance.  Use it or lose it is certainly one of my beliefs but paying attention to how I do what I do in order to prevent undue wear and tear on my joints is essential in my view.  The Alexander Technique is the best thing I know for that.


Reason three – Vanity

It will be clear to anyone who has ever met me that I am not one for fancy clothes, all the dog walking I do means that my hair is often covered by a hat or a hood so high maintenance hairstyles are not an option.   As for makeup routines, they do not exist in my life.  You might, therefore, be puzzled about my reason for including ‘vanity’ in my list of reasons.  Rather than admiring people for the clothes, hairstyles and makeup, I admire people who move easily and who radiate inner grace and elegance in all they do.  These are the things that I think look good and things I aspire to.  The Alexander Technique is the best thing I know for that too.


Earl Nightingale said that:

‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.’

Keeping stress at bay, staying active and moving with grace and elegance all seem like worthy goals to me so I will always be happy to keep these as my work in progress.



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