Online Alexander Technique

Online Alexander Technique Lessons

I continue to offer online Alexander Technique lessons for anyone who prefers them whilst also teaching in-person in Otley, West Yorkshire, now that COVID-19 guidance allows.


Alexander Technique Online Lessons – Content

We will work through a series of gentle, mindful activities that:

  • Train your attention to bypass habits of tension and strain by learning to create a sense of lightness and ease whenever you choose.
  • Train your awareness to become sensitive to when you tense unnecessarily and start to use more effort than is needed

These activities will also to help you to:

  • Understand how your thinking affects the quality of your movements
  • Recognise that ‘trying harder’ is rarely (if ever) the answer to anything
  • Stay aware of and connected to people around you, the environment and yourself even in stressful situations

We start with simple movements and gradually progress towards more complex activities that are relevant to you.

The activities are not physically demanding so can be used by anyone, including people with reduced mobility.

My focus will be on the solution rather than the problem, and that means focussing on you as a whole person rather than the specific area/s where you are experiencing problems.

It may be that the changes you experience at the start of our work together are quite subtle, but, if you stay curious and open to new ways of addressing your problem, the results, over time, can be both powerful and long-lasting.  The practice you do in between lessons is essential to your progress, and a vital role for me is inspiring you to want to do it.

The number of lessons you need will vary depending on: your reasons for wanting to learn the Alexander Technique, how willing you are to practise and how curious and eager to experiment you are, amongst other things


Alexander Technique Online – Taster Sessions

You can book a taster session with me for just £10 this will give us:

  • The opportunity to meet, albeit on-screen rather than in person
  • Time to address any questions you have
  • Explore the basis of the approach in practice
  • Decide if the approach will suit you


Alexander Technique Online Lessons – Cost and Payment Options

Ongoing lessons cost £40 for approximately 40 minutes

The easiest way to pay is through BACS payments.  If this is not possible, I am happy to discuss alternatives.


Alexander Technique Online Lessons – Technology

I usually use Zoom to meet with people online and am happy to discuss alternatives if needed.


More Information

Please feel free to call me on 07957 981240 or email me at if you have any questions.

See here for information about which groups of people benefit from the Alexander Technique

For more general information on the Alexander Technique have a look at the Society for Teachers of the Alexander  Technique (STAT) website here 

The Body Learning website here has a great selection of podcasts on the Alexander Technique covering a vast range on topics including Back Pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Acrobatics, Singing and Yoga