Three Things I Have Loved About 2020

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It’s been a funny old year that has left me finding little to say in blogs and Facebook posts.  But, as the year comes to an end, I realise there are a few things I have loved about it.  Sharing them seems like an excellent way to wrap up the year:


Loyal Clients

Before this year, I could not have imagined teaching Alexander Technique online. Given a choice between not teaching at all and teaching online, I decided online was worth a try.  Some of my clients have adapted quickly, and others have decided it is not for them, which is fine.  I am grateful for those who took a leap of faith and decided to give learning online with me a go and also to those who have said that they are keen to come back as soon as I can see them in person again.  Having such loyal clients means a lot to me.


Time for me to study

Fewer clients each week has given me time to immerse myself in some training.  Early in the year, I took the opportunity to do a 12-week course on an approach to teaching the Alexander Technique that works well online.  Central to this is a practice called ‘The CyCle ™’ developed by Mio Morales.  I doubt if I would have done this training had it not been for Covid-19 and yet, of all the techniques I have learnt over the years, this is the thing that I practice most often now.


Having animals for company while I work

Every so often whilst I am sat at my computer, my dog will nuzzle me and gaze into my eyes, or my cat will insist on being stroked, sometimes in full view of the camera on my laptop.  The slight distraction they cause is easily made up for by the fact that they make me smile and bring me moments of joy.  Having them present has made spending so much time on my computer more of a pleasure than it might have been.  Here they are looking all innocent and as if butter wouldn’t melt.



I hope that for you too this year has brought some good things and that 2021 will bring more of what you want in life.

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