What is the Alexander Technique?

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This podcast provides one of the best descriptions of the Alexander Technique that I have come across

Dr Bryan McElroy, a GP from Ireland, combines his personal experiences of the technique, his professional opinions and some important research evidence in this thought-provoking interview.  I especially liked the way he talks about how treatments are promoted:


‘If the Alexander Technique were a drug sponsored by million-dollar drug companies it would

probably be the number one selling drug for back pain’.


Other highlights include:

  • How the Alexander Technique helps to align the whole of our body mechanics so that we use the appropriate muscle tone in all our activities.
  • How doing strength exercises is not the answer to back pain if you are still sitting, standing and moving around in a way that is distorting the basic mechanics of your body
  • Research evidence demonstrating the long-term benefits of Alexander Technique lessons for people with back pain
  • Explanations of some of the less well known and non-physical benefits of the Alexander Technique

And much more.

Have a listen and feel free to pass it on to anyone who asks ‘What is the Alexander Technique?’



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